Token #CHRA

Unlock the Power of #CHRA Token: Fueling Innovation and Rewards!
General Information
Chaos Racer Token (CHRA) is a blockchain-based token on the Polygon network that plays a significant role in the Chaos Racer ecosystem. It serves as a key tool for creating unique and valuable NFT art, with significant potential to become a valuable currency in the future.

Creating NFT Art

  • The CHRA token enables the creation and sale of unique NFT assets within Chaos Racer.
  • Use the token to develop exclusive vehicles, characters, tracks, and other digital assets.
  • Each created NFT becomes your digital masterpiece that can be collected, sold, or showcased to the world.

Growth and Success Potential

  • The CHRA token has the potential to become a valuable currency in the future due to the growing popularity of NFT art and e-commerce.
  • We aim to create a unique ecosystem where the token is used for in-game transactions and an in-game marketplace for buying and selling NFT assets.

Facts About Our Token

  • The CHRA token is built on the reliable Polygon blockchain to ensure transaction security and transparency.
  • We are constantly working on developing and improving the token's functionality to provide the best user experience.
  • We have an active community that supports and contributes to the growth of our project.


  • Total number of tokens: 100 million CHRA.
  • Token distribution:
    • Team: 10% (10 million CHRA)
      • These tokens will be allocated to the project team responsible for the development, management, and promotion of CHRA. This will help ensure the long-term development of the project and support its ecosystem.
    • Players: 40% (40 million CHRA)
      • A portion of these tokens will be provided to players actively participating in the CHRA platform, playing games, completing tasks, and achieving specific goals. This will stimulate participation and engagement of players in the CHRA ecosystem.
    • Marketing: 20% (20 million CHRA)
      • This portion of tokens will be used for marketing purposes, including attracting new users, promoting the CHRA platform in the market, conducting advertising campaigns, and forming partnerships with other projects. This will help increase the visibility and attractiveness of CHRA.
    • Vesting: 20% (20 million CHRA)
      • These tokens will be locked for a specific period of time and gradually released over time. Vesting is used to ensure price stability and token market integrity, as well as to prevent dumping and market manipulation.
    • Community: 10% (10 million CHRA)
      • This portion of tokens will be allocated to the active CHRA community, including participants who make significant contributions to the development and growth of the platform. This may include participation in beta testing, content creation, event organization, and support for other participants.

Additional Information

  • The smart contracts used in the game are open to the public.
  • The team continues to work on new projects where the token will play a significant role.
  • Plans to expand the ecosystem where the token becomes a universal currency in various gaming and non-gaming projects.
  • Open opportunities for participants to invest and utilize the token in diverse ecosystems.
Join us and be part of the exciting journey into the world of NFTs and digital assets with Chaos Racer!